Monday, February 19, 2007

This final post will mark the end of this blog.
I have realised that because of one blog, many incidents can happen, and I sincerely ask for your forgiveness. Being more mature than I was when the blog caused all the trouble with the band, now looking back, I realised how childish I was.
The blog about Jitrui was in the past. I admit, I did create that blog, but not the jitxin blog. The jitxin blog was created by some of weilin's friends [weilin was innocent. We both had nothing to do with it] because we have some feud between us. That incident is now over, and I apologize to whoever that was affected by this. I am really sorry for causing all this trouble, and I ensure u, this will not repeat. If you don't believe me, you can ask the seniors who already know about this.
I apologize once again for all this.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Yo... I updated like exactly 14 days ago...
Maths test - 17/25
English newspaper - 18/30
Geog test - 15 half/25
Science - 22/30
Lit - 14/25

Sian. Luckily I never bet with Bayar for the English report. Otherwise I will have $2 less from my pocket. ((:

Monday during lit was dam funny la.
Mrs Teo: I need to send this person for remedial. He doesn't seem to have taken in what I said for the Monkey's paw.
Someone: Girl or Guy?
Mrs Teo: Guy.
Derrick: Scally she say Kumar Dev then u know.
Mrs Teo: Is there a Derrick here?
Whole class: *Laugh*
OMG. That was so funny okay.

Then today, Mr Tan keep on picking on Bayar.
Mr Tan: What's in your mouth?
Bayar: Nothing.
Mr Tan: Then what are u chewing? Chewing nothing?
Bayar: I like what.
Mr Tan: You crazy ar? Chew nothing...
Then later...
Mr Tan: Bayar, tuck in your shirt. Then what is all this buttons hanging out?
Bayar: Cannot button la. My hips are too wide.
Mr Tan: You don't know how to wear shorts is it? Let go.
Bayar: *let go*
Mr Tan: * pull up all the way.*
OMG. He looked so retarded at that time. I laugh until I cry leh.
Bayar: Fine. I will wear it like this.
Lol. I should have taken a pic. So freaking retarded.

This morning, alarm clock and phone woke me up at 6.10am. I switched off the alarm clock and went back to sleep. Woke up again at 6.45am.
Me: Oh shit. Late again.
Then I chiong la. Still missed the bus.
Went to school and received presents!
Yuyi: Eh. I bought presents for the delicious gang.
[Yuyi-fish, Fee-Fuji, Lex-Biscuit, Cher-Cher, Peter - ter, Me-Krusty Krabbs]
Me:Yay. I have presents!
Yuyi: What flavour you want? I have mixed, strawberry and grape.
Me: err... Strawberry. (:
Yuyi: ok.

In total, I had Three from yuyi, one from Fee and one from Belle. (:
Until now I haven't finished yet. Im going to be sick of Chocolates at this rate.
Thats all. Loves.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Damn horrible day

Today, woke up at 6.28am.
Im waking up later day after day.
Yesterday even worse. 6.43am then i woke up. Then very rush. But i reached school earlier than today. Maybe I should have rushed.
Sian la. School is getting repetitive. I keep on asking myself the purpose I am going to school...
Lol. Today, had dnt. I was spending the whole period chaoing... Lol. Sian. Geog test was so so la. But i have 1 qn wrong le. Sian. 2 marks gone.
Dun feel like typing le.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sian la

Nothing much to post today... Only that my history assignment 1 has 4.5/5 marks!!! Yay. Finally one thing that is successful this year, and on my birthday. Meryl gave me a present today, so on 8 Feb, I will give her present too. LOL. (:
Mrs Tan, my geog teacher sux like hell la. She dunno how to teach geography, then don't teach la. If she wants to bore us to death, she can jolly well continue. I'd rather take Ms Tay than take her.
My birthday is going to be over le. So sad. No more birthday girl. Tmr Wednesday, so slack day. Start off the day with D&T tmr, 3 periods, then recess, than PE[we can bargain with the cher to let us off 2.4 cuz after recess], then English, 2 periods, then Maths, 2 periods, then assembly, 2 periods. Yay. Damn slack la. (: I'd better use tmr as break day. Next week have class test le. That is so soon. I didn't expect it to be so fast.
Thats all for today. Nites. ((:

Monday, January 22, 2007

Do we really have to kena her?

I haven't posted for... lets see. 2months? Ya. I think so. LOL.
I had pupil's profiling with Mr Vincent Tan today. He is a very good teacher la. But I was very nervous. My hands were sweating the whole time... LOL. (:
This year the teachers are not satisfactory la.
Form Teacher: Mr Vincent Tan [rocks]
Assisstant: Ms Tan [sux]
English: Ms Nani [sux]
Maths: Mr Vincent Tan [rocks]
Science: Mrs Guna [okay la]
Chinese: Kena LAB again [sux]
CE: Ms Kwong [sux]
Geog: Ms Tan [okay la]
History: Mr Yusri
IT: Mdm Varsha
Art: Ms Tan Mui mui [ sux like hell]
Wah Lao. I really want to swear at her la. But, I have to stop swearing. im swearing too much.
During art lesson on tue, i was talking to fidelia they all. Then, she ask us to stay back with her. WTF. On Band day somemore la. Not like she dunno Im in the band or what. So on that day, she reprimand me like siao la. And i was there at the table saying fuck the whole time. Then, I was so angry that I even raise middle finger la.
I have never done that in my entire life la
And it had to be her that provoked me into doing it. FUCK off la.
She dunno how to teach, then DON'T TEACH. Nobody forced her into this teaching career.
It is a FREE world.
wow. I think I am going crazy le.
SHE is making me nuts.
stop here. (: about this freaking pathetic teacher.
Fidelia... I know your secret. Lol. I can sabo you, but I don't want to. Im so nice... jkjk. (:
It is going to be my birthday soon. Lol. in 6 hours time. [as in when im typing this]
(: Hopefully my birthday day will be the best one. (: ever.
band is getting more exciting la. I finally can play those pieces, but not the running notes up the chromatic scale. Then masterclasses are cool too. The instructor has a gold flute leh.. so nice la.
She also pro. [if not pro then how to teach us?] LOL.
Fourth week of school was not bad. 3 saturdays ago, was performing for sec ones. CCA recruitment. A lot of people not interested la. I managed to get one form filled up though. (: thats good enough. (:

Thursday, December 14, 2006

So freaking pissed off

Damn la. Band practs these few days have been a nightmare. These 2 weeks before concert.. I don't want to talk about the first week lors..

Second week :
Monday: Rumours stopped pretty much.
Tuesday: Normal band pract day ((:
Wednesday: Day off
Thursday (today) : they started to ignore me.. Then I was rude to them lor. I said," whatever " everytime they said something to me lors. If u people are reading now.. sorry. I was moody that time. Pissed off with the new seating arrangement. Then I was so upset that they started to ignore me so I shouted fuck off at them. Not there in the studio la. When we were given water break. But I shouted damn loud la. I dunno who heard it la. thank goodness.. But I am so freaking pissed la. Azlan has been a good friend though.. U can count on him anytime.. Today, Mr Chia announced to the Band that he will be stepping down from bandmaster.. Azlan and Marco are gonna take over.. Tmr... Is TK Band's in-concert 2006.. From 7.30pm to abt 10++ tickets are at $10 ea. Not expensive la... Tmr fall in full u.. have to go le nitex

Friday, November 10, 2006

Ensemble Challenge

We had the Ensemble Challenge today. Not bad actually, even if we didn't win the top 3 prizes. Jit Xin's grp won the 3rd prize, Linda's grp won the 2nd prize and the top prize went to Gerald's grp. Oh well. They did much better than us, or so I thought. We managed to get the Best Sec 1 group prize, I think. The judges were Mr Azlan, Belinda, Kenneth and Zhiyi. Something like that la.

Sihui didn't come for band today. She has 2 days mc, meaning she can skip the theory test. Haiz. That would be great. There is so much yo memorize!!! I have no idea how it is going to fit into my head by tomorrow. There is so much to do, yet so little time! I still need to find time to celebrate fidelia's birthday. Hopefully my dad will let me do so. (: First, I have to find out if she is still in Singapore.

Made a new friend recently. I can't remember his name but he is from Malaysia. He is a nice person la. But i haven't seen his photos. Hopefully he will post it soon.

Im totally addicted to High School Musical. The show rocks, the characters in it rock too. Especially the main characters. I have watched it 3 times in a row, and i am still not bored of it. Oh well. Im still cracking my head on a birthday surprise. I hope it stays as a surprise until Tuesday.

Ok. Going to find more pics from High School Musical. 再见。
Best wishes to all my friends. (: